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Put simply, if we want to decarbonise most of the world’s industries, we must electrify them

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Decarbonisation through electrification has four components:

  • Renewable electricity generation – including solar PV
  • Electrified systems and processes – including electric vehicles (EVs)
  • Power conversion – including PV and EV inverters
  • Energy storage – including lithium-ion batteries

Our approach

We study each market in the following four ways:

  • Supply chain (manufacturers, capacity, production – including materials and equipment)
  • Cost (bottom-up cost modelling, system cost analysis)
  • Technology (technology roadmaps and key performance metrics, e.g. conversion efficiency, power/energy density, cost per watt/kW/kWh/kg)
  • Demand (e.g. PV systems, EV inverters, EV batteries; short- and long-term)

Can Exawatt help you chart a path to decarbonisation through electrification?

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