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Exawatt provides bespoke projects targeted at particular client needs.

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Recent projects have included:

  • Materials demand forecasts for manufacturers in the PV supply chain
  • Deep-dives into individual materials: cost trends, ASP trends, cost structures, technology roadmaps, manufacturing capacity forecasts etc.
  • Assisting industry bodies in understanding the challenges and opportunities involved in establishing domestic manufacturing
  • Detailed competitive analysis for manufacturers
  • Co-authoring of whitepapers for novel manufacturing methods

In 2023, Exawatt was acquired by CRU, a business intelligence company that helps users gain a unique perspective of different commodity markets.

Our bespoke consulting is now also backed by CRU’s robust methodologies and strategic insights on global commodity markets, with access to CRU’s consulting team.

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Meet the solar PV team

Alex Barrows

Head of PV

Alex Barrows

Alex heads up Exawatt’s solar PV research, with a particular focus on forecasting the efficiency and cost evolution of solar technologies in order to understand when and how new technologies will influence the PV market. He obtained his PhD in the physics of perovskite-based solar cells from the University of Sheffield.

Molly Morgan

Senior Research Analyst (PV)

Molly Morgan

Molly supports the PV team by tracking and forecasting evolutions in solar module efficiency and architecture, as well as providing analysis of capacity, production, and financial data for PV manufacturers. She has an undergraduate degree in Physics and a postgraduate degree in Solar Cell Technology, both from the University of Sheffield.

“Exawatt’s PV module manufacturing intelligence is second to none. A fundamental understanding of PV module technologies and manufacturing processes lies at the heart of what Exawatt does. Leveraging this fundamental understanding is what sets Exawatt apart and drives their unique insights.”

Jim Sorensen
Director of Product Management, Array Technologies

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