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Alongside high-level tracking, Exawatt’s team tracks and analyses the specifications of vehicles sold to identify trends in the automotive market and provide useful insights into vehicle design (along with the technologies used)

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This analysis enables the Exawatt team to identify key trends in the specification of vehicles sold, which feeds into our cost and material demand models used for various reports across all of Exawatt’s specialisms. This service tracks and analyses the following:

  • Battery chemistries and capacities
  • Motor types and powers
  • Inverter types and powers
  • Charger types and powers
  • Vehicle segments
  • Vehicle prices

Meet the electric vehicles team

Elijah Santos

Research Analyst (Electric vehicles)

Elijah Santos

Elijah focuses on EV powertrain analysis and vehicle demand forecasting, and brings a system-level outlook to Exawatt’s work in power electronics and energy storage. Elijah has an MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Sheffield Hallam University.

Harry Vincent

Research Analyst (Electric Vehicles)

Harry Vincent

Harry focuses on modelling the current state of the electric vehicle market to inform our research in energy storage and power electronics. After finishing an internship in January 2021, he has continued to work part-time for Exawatt while finishing his studies in Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh.

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