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Exawatt tracks over 220 companies in the lithium-ion battery supply chain for EVs and energy storage sectors. These inputs are used in our forecasting and cost modelling

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Our bottom-up models and forecasts include data from the following:

  • Detailed cost modelling for all stages of the battery supply chain, from material processing (including spodumene/brine, lithium hydroxide/carbonate, graphite anode material and cathode active material) through cell processing and battery integration
  • Analysis of quarterly, semi-annual, and annual reports, initial public offering prospectuses and ad hoc financial disclosures from manufacturers in the battery supply chain
  • Monitoring of lithium-ion battery material, cell specifications and manufacturer technology roadmaps
  • Discussions with battery industry executives

Meet the energy storage team

Edward Rackley

Head of Energy Storage

Edward Rackley

Ed uses his electrochemical materials knowledge to inform our supply chain analysis and bottom-up cost modelling. He has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sheffield, specialising in solid oxide fuel cell anodes. Ed’s industrial experience includes research into novel battery current collectors and spinel cathode synthesis.

Aaron Wade

Research Analyst (Energy storage)

Aaron Wade

Aaron focuses on detailed cost modelling for current- and next-generation cells in Exawatt’s energy storage team. He joined Exawatt as part of the Faraday Institution PhD industry placement programme in May 2021 and became a part-time research analyst in August 2021.

John Tinson, VP Sales and Marketing, Ilika
“When developing solid-state pouch cells for EVs, design to cost is critical for Ilika. Our engineering team needed to select electrolytes, dopants and additives that would be affordable and available when deployed at giga scale. Running a program with Exawatt allowed us to make better material selections and gave us insights into the rates of learning necessary on all items in our bill of materials.”

Dave OudeNijeweme, Senior Director for Battery Materials, Worley
“During my stint as Head of Technology Trends at the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) we were desperately looking for proper bottom-up cost analysis for batteries. Exawatt was one of very few who could. Applying the approach and techniques perfected in PV and semiconductors to batteries provided great results fast. I have found Exawatt’s ability to address complex problems and willingness to challenge conventional thinking a great asset that I hope to use again in future.”

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