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Exawatt partners with ANZAPLAN to provide coverage of the high-purity quartz market

Exawatt is proud to announce a new partnership with ANZAPLAN, the leading provider of analytical and engineering services for industrial and specialty mineral and metal projects worldwide, to provide detailed coverage of the market for high-purity quartz (HPQ).

Together, Exawatt and ANZAPLAN will combine their complementary technical capabilities and specific market know-how relating to HPQ. Many stakeholders will benefit from gaining insight into the HPQ business, including mining companies and junior miners engaged in HPQ project development, investors including private equity funds and institutional investors, and specialist equipment manufacturers.

HPQ is a critical material for the semiconductor, telecommunications and renewable energy industries, but the structure of the industry is somewhat opaque. By partnering, Exawatt and ANZAPLAN will provide comprehensive insight on this historically under-reported industry.

Exawatt’s HPQ coverage will build on its long-established research in the solar PV and semiconductor sectors, where it provides detailed manufacturing cost, supply and demand analysis and strategic guidance.

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