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The mainstreaming of mono

The March 2019 edition of PV Magazine featured an article, penned by Exawatt, on the emergence of monocrystalline technology in mainstream PV. At its founding in early 2015, Exawatt found itself almost alone in predicting that mono technology – which at the time had a market share of less than 20% – would inevitably come to dominate PV, driven by three critical advances in ingot, wafer and cell technology. We made the then-bold prediction that mono’s market share would surpass 50% by 2020.

Although Exawatt’s thesis was not widely accepted back in 2015, it subsequently emerged that while directionally correct, our prediction had been actually too conservative. The rise of mono was so rapid that it overtook multi in terms of wafer market share in mid-2018, and – as of early 2019 – was well on the way to establishing near-total dominance in PV.

This PV Magazine article outlines our arguments.