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The Value of High-performance PV Technology: PV Technology White Paper

The PV industry is ever evolving. Over the last decade, solar PV manufacturers have been highly effective at driving down manufacturing costs. This has been a key focus of the industry. However, the era of “easy wins” has ended. Gains will now be harder fought, likely relying on either alternative materials or new technologies.

The industry is now increasingly focused on improvements in module efficiencies, as manufacturers advance current technologies and adopt new ones. However, it can be difficult to contextualise technology advancements and efficiency gains and challenging to understand the benefit that these improvements can bring to distributors, installers and systems owners.

This white paper, built on analysis from Exawatt’s Solar Technology and Cost Service, explores and compares key module parameters for different technologies and analyses the value these different technologies may bring to both residential and commercial installations. We provide professionals through the value chain with a useful resource to help enhance their understanding and develop their businesses profitably.

The whitepaper is free and available to download, and don’t hesitate to get in contact with Exawatt if you have any questions

Source: AIKO