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Exawatt appoints Ed Rackley as Research Analyst

Exawatt, a provider of strategic consulting and market analysis in sectors related to decarbonisation through electrification, is pleased to announce the appointment of Edward Rackley as Research Analyst to the energy storage research team.

Since taking an alkaline fuel cell internship at 18, Ed has developed a keen interest in renewable technologies which led him to completing a PhD at the University of Sheffield. His studies focussed on the characterisation and mitigation of catalyst coarsening in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell anodes. During this period, he studied the impact of using different drying methodologies on the properties of nanoscale fuel electrode catalysts, culminating in two beamtime experiments at the Diamond Light Source in Harwell. His interests lie in all things electrochemical, specifically the manufacture of lithium-ion battery materials.

About Exawatt 

Founded in 2015, Exawatt provides strategic consulting and market analysis in industries that support decarbonisation through electrification. These industries include solar PV, power electronics, lithium-ion batteries, high-purity quartz and electric vehicles.