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Exawatt appoints Molly Morgan as Research Analyst

Exawatt, a provider of strategic consulting and market analysis in sectors related to decarbonisation through electrification, is pleased to announce the appointment of Molly Morgan as Research Analyst, effective immediately. 

Molly joined Exawatt on an internship in the summer of 2020, amid a global pandemic. She is the first person to join Exawatt as a result of our partnership with the University of Sheffield to support its newly established MSc in Solar Cell Technology.

For her MSc dissertation, Molly completed her thesis on the application of biologically inspired anti-reflection coatings to solar cells by examining the nanostructure of cicada wings. 

Using her background in photovoltaics, Molly will primarily assist Exawatt with its solar PV technology, supply chain analysis and demand forecasting products and services.

About Exawatt 

Founded in 2015, Exawatt provides strategic consulting and market analysis in industries that support decarbonisation through electrification. These industries include solar PV, power electronics, lithium-ion batteries, high-purity quartz and electric vehicles.