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Exawatt and NexWafe – The EpiWafer process: Enabling higher efficiencies, lower costs and lower carbon emissions in PV manufacturing

Many of you may have seen NexWafe in the news in October last year, when the company secured a EUR 25 million investment from Reliance New Energy Solar. Now Exawatt and NexWafe have collaborated to produce a white paper on the company’s EpiWafer process. The EpiWafer process cuts out the conventional polysilicon, ingot and wafer steps and instead goes straight from a process gas to a wafer, offering opportunities to optimise wafer properties, reduce waste and reduce the carbon intensity of manufacturing. What’s more, the company’s cost roadmap looks encouraging.

In the first half of the white paper we outline the current state of play in the PV manufacturing industry and identify the trends that we expect to see over the next 5-10 years. The second half of the paper dives into the opportunities and challenges for the EpiWafer process, and looks at how it compares to conventional manufacturing of monocrystalline wafers. With the paper covering a broad range of topics, we believe that it will be of interest to those throughout the solar industry, not just wafer specialists. We hope that you’ll take a look, and don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions. The paper is free and available to download at Whitepaper | Nexwafe.

Source: Exawatt