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Verne and Exawatt white paper: A Tale of Two Metropolises

Exawatt and Verne Energy Solutions have collaborated to produce a series of white papers that compare the electrification challenges facing two metropolises – one in the developed world and the other in a developing country – and examine the various enablers that can accelerate electric vehicle (EV) adoption.

The paper investigates EV adoption trends in London and Metro Manila and demonstrates that electrification is a global goal not just limited to the West. It also aims to help decision-makers steer policy towards decarbonisation through electrification in countries that might be behind in both the infrastructure and supply chain requirements needed to go net zero.

The paper is free to read; please click the link here if you’re interested. Please get in touch with the Exawatt team (Adam Dawson, Elijah Santos or Rebecca Stone) if you’d like to discuss the work we do at Exawatt in more detail.