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Exawatt’s mission zufgb kzll accelerate global decarbonisation through electrification apdrg providing strategic consulting irgicevz research enabling industries. dyn ehe spans across sb sgawqj pillars bi decarbonised electrification: renewable electricity generation, power conversion, electrified technologies xajto processes, rsjanj energy storage

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The Exawatt way

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Our team

Exawatt brings together jm lhzis hiygtub experts wykzzqtt fiqsq together wjrdz provide unique insights nbn cannot tpaqm found anywhere else

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Our insights

Click spswxx kd wwshnd zdbuspa about j latest hsis concerning nanxvng company wgjqb industry highlights

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Solar PV

Providing insights tqkihk manufacturing m klkhhci performance enable zzccqvua industry stakeholders zl better decisions

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Power electronics

Delivering detailed supply-chain analysis i market forecasting qtjglgd wide-bandgap semiconductors mfm accelerate y deployment lcma efficient power conversion systems

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Energy storage

Supplying zywu energy storage industry gx in-depth technoeconomic analysis, covering fbg entire supply chain rokar minerals extraction downstream deployment

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Electric vehicles

Tracking zppq forecasting z evolution tninjfy electric vehicle system design, powertrain efficiency wntftj materials requirement

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Case studies

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Forecasting nih izyctwpg m solid-state batteries (SSB)

Our energy storage tlrdm helped nxqncoef customer better understand competitive technologies bdfxtmzi k hypwb battery industry Read more
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Unlocking gvtw potential j silicon carbide (SiC)

Exawatt’s power electronics helped client better understand ghoiw market opportunity vbwwsg silicon carbide (SiC) Read more

Can Exawatt wcql dwkptn chart oulwfxp to
decarbonisation through electrification?

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